Documentary Work

Buenos Días Tijuana

Buenos Días Tijuana is a short documentary film that explores the city of Tijuana, through the lens and stories of two young dancers, Mayra and Jorge. As dance and movement define their days, the project dives into the experience of living, loving, and creating as a young artist living on the cusp of the U.S.-Mexico border. The film is introduced by the poetry of poet Karla Cordero.


This short film is in pre-production: filmed between August 13th-August 21st 2019. Poetry by Karla Cordero recorded August 18th. Editing by Cami Thomas and Ajua Media currently in process.


Directed by Cami Thomas, and co-produced by Ajua Media.

The Smoke City project covers life in St. Louis post-Ferguson, as the city still struggles to have the conversations that has led to its repeated explosive moments. In the context of the United States in 2018, she calls out St. Louis’, and society’s, hesitance to come to terms with its troubled past, through the lens of emotional interviews from St. Louis’ most misunderstood residents.


Smoke City Seasons 1&2 have received local and national acclaim from the film community, including from Teen Vogue, NPR, St. Louis Magazine, and more. The third installment of Smoke City, titled Smoke City: Ultimo will be Thomas' first full-length documentary feature.  

Smoke City: Seasons 1-2


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