SubCulture Lab at Mid-America Arts Alliance

NOV '20


Art is Revolution: Immersive Augmented Reality Exhibition by Huffpost, RYOT, and All Black Creatives

"HuffPost has teamed up with RYOT, Verizon Media’s immersive storytelling production house, and All Black Creatives, a foundation and agency that celebrates and empowers Black creatives, to bring you a unique virtual exhibit we’re calling “Art Is Revolution (AIR)."


This immersive 3D exhibit showcases the work of groundbreaking Black artists in a year of racial reckoning, curated by Danielle Elise, founder of All Black Creatives." - Huffpost

Cami Thomas was featured as one of the artists in the immersive exhibition, in which users can interact with the art pieces by projecting the imagery into their own homes. 

"These particular pieces allowed me to play with my own feelings of nostalgia for the past and daydreaming of the future. When speaking to my grandfather, my friends, or to children, I feel inspired by the stories of what they’ve overcome. I feel inspired by the light, untouched nature of what we could build in the future.

Blackness is often depicted in a way that puts pain at the forefront, but I want to create pieces that make me feel the same way I feel when I’m with my community; hopeful, light, creative, abundant and filled to the brim with love. The pieces feel a bit whimsical as if they’re a fantasy or stills from an elaborate dream, which is true to the nature of the way me and my friends experience life." - Cami Thomas for Huffpost

Chicago Art Department: Solo ​Exhibition, AMFM pop-up

The Saint Scrimmage is a documentary photo project that dives into the world of Chicago’s underground fútbol scene, and how the game impacts the Pilsen community - from the Pilsen F.C. players, to the surrounding neighborhood. Through an interview with the Pilsen F.C. team captain, the series explores gentrification in the historically-Hispanic Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, the challenges of being undocumented in the city, and the story of how each of the young men fell in love with soccer.

The photos and interviews were conducted by journalist Cami Thomas. The project was covered in the Chicago-Sun Times, and were displayed in a solo exhibition at the Chicago Art Department as part of the AMFM Pink Things Pop-Up on August 29th, 2019.